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TESTIMONIALS . . . . Thank you for your kind words!

From Jerry Bedford

Hi Ellen, 

Congratulations on your new business, a much-needed service! Our fellow senior residents who used a similar service arrived stress-free and immediately ready to jump into new relationships and activities in their new setting, whereas do-it-yourselfers (like ourselves) spent weeks settling in and as a result delayed undertaking rewarding new relationships. I wish you great success. Your dad's watercolor is the perfect art for your website.

From Jane M. Cazort

About two years ago I moved from an 8-room house to a 2-room apartment. After family members took what they wanted I still had way too much furniture. My good friend Ellen Stern helped me decide what to sell, what to keep that would fit into my new little apartment, and what to give away. Then she took charge of moving the furniture, arranging it and hanging my pictures. I simply turned it all over to her and have lived happily in the apartment ever since. She also took charge of canceling the utilities, changing my phone service and taking care of all the small but essential details moving entails. It really was a hassle-free move for me.

From Chris Tirman

Dear Ellen,

I can't even begin to tell you what an incredible service you provide. After moving my mother several times in less than 18 months, the thought of doing it again almost crippled me, both physically and emotionally. All I had to do was pick up the phone, tell you what I needed, and "Voila!" you made it happen. I highly recommend you to any family or caregiver that is faced with the agonizing decision to move their loved ones. The services you provided were timely, efficient, professional, and such a blessed relief. Thank you for being there for us. Thank you for being there for me, a once exhausted caregiver!

From Camille McElmurry 

Thank you, Ellen. I was completely overwhelmed with having to move my Mother from a three bedroom house into a small apartment this past August. With your help and advice, she was able to make decisions and feel respected about her move. You packed things I had no idea how to pack and even hired the movers to do the rest. On the moving day that I dreaded, you were calming and courteous when I just wanted to run away. That same day you stayed until you knew she was settled and able to move around with her things mostly arranged. When it came time to empty the remaining items from her home, you were with us to stage and arrange her house to sell her things. You became a family friend during those days and I think what you do is amazing. Your sense of humor and fun made everything seem less complex. Your service is unique and necessary for anyone trying to downsize themselves or a loved one. Again, thank you for providing a service that would be really hard to find anywhere else. 


Louis Freund, Guanajuato [detail].

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