Relocation Resources for Seniors

SIDE SERVICES--We're much more than a mover!

At Relocation Resources for Seniors it's often more about RESOURCES than relocating. We can help you make HOUSEHOLD TRANSITIONS of all kinds. Maybe you have a project you keep putting off because it's just too much trouble. 

  • Having your kitchen redone and need someone to empty your cabinets and cupboards so the carpenters and painters can more easily and efficiently do their job? When the work’s complete we’ll come back to unpack and put everything away. Or is there just too much clutter in your kitchen?
  • Thinking about throwing a party but taking out and putting away all the party ware is just too much climbing, too much dust, too much work! 
  • Is your patio or garage a mess in need of reorganizing?
  • Is it time to downsize and you don’t have a clue where to begin or what to do with the things you no longer need?
  • Your closets! We’ll work with you to reorganize your closets, deliver discarded items to the charity or resale shop of your choice and bring you the receipt. 
  • Too many books or other kinds of collections? We’ll help you sort them, then pack up and deliver your discards to the library or other place of your choice.

Or perhaps you have some other, entirely different project for us!

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H.S. Stern, Still Life, 1953.

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