Services & Options

To move or not to move . . . COMPARE YOUR OPTIONS

I. General Overview

     A.  Costs comparison    

     B.  Other things to consider

          1. House & Safety concerns

          2. Social concerns

          3. Health concerns

          4. Family concerns

 II. Aging in Place   

     A. Advantages

     B. Disadvantages

     C. Cost comparison

     D. House Modifications

          1. Direct Services from Relocation Resources staff

          2. Outside Contracts with repairmen, carpenters, plumbers, etc.

III. Hassle-Free Moving

     A. Discuss/Visit Senior Communities

     B. Direct Services from Relocation Resources for Seniors could include, but are not limited to, any or all of the following:

          1. Create a floor plan

          2. Sort & pack

          3. Arrange/Oversee outside contractors

          4. Unpack & set up the new place

          5. Change-of-address notifications

          6. Get ready for an estate sale

          7. Clear out and prepare the house for whatever comes next for it     

     C. Outside Contracts could include but are not limited to:

          1. Appraisers

          2. Shippers

          3. Movers

          4. Storage

          5. Estate Sale Managers

          6. Cleaning Services

Photo Credit: Howard S. Stern, Afternoon Shadows, watercolor on paper