Relocation Resources for Seniors


Are you thinking about moving? 

We can work with you and your family to decide when and where--or, indeed, IF--to move. Or maybe you have a new place and are ready to start sorting and packing! The call is free and entitles you to a no-obligation visit to discuss the many ways we can assist you.

Our Move Management Services include working with you and your family to:

  •  Decide where and when to move.
  • Measure your new space and make a plan for using the furnishings you want to take with you.
  • Sort & pack clothing, papers and household items.
  • Arrange appraisals of antiques, art or other collections.
  • Pack & ship or deliver items going to family members or being stored.
  • Oversee a team of professional movers who will carefully load, transport and deliver everything.
  • Unpack & set up your new home, including organizing the kitchen, making the beds, putting away clothes, hanging pictures and placing your cherished possessions exactly how you like them.
  • Notify pertinent parties, especially utilities and other business accounts, of your new address.
  • Organize for an estate sale or charitable donations.
  • Clean your old house & get it ready for whatever comes next for it.

Your cost will depend on how much help and what types of services you require. You may select any or all of the services we offer, and we will provide you with a customized plan of action. We can do it all, or we're happy to have assistance from you or members of your family. Invite us for a visit to explore your future living arrangements and to give you a no-obligation estimate.

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